Waterkeeper completes 3-year rehabilitation project at Spicer Creek on the Oaks River


Mother Nature has a way of perfecting things. It was the best.

Mankind has a way of witnessing the creation of Mother Nature.

Fortunately, we have learned a lot from Mother Nature’s designs to figure out what to do for the many “mistakes” and correct them.

Recently, the Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper held a tree planting in Grand Island, which helped to restore shores that had been damaged for years. This erosion process occurs when there is no solid material to prevent water from washing away the soil. This type of recovery process is also aesthetically pleasing and provides shelter to the animal world.

A three-year beach rehabilitation project at Spicer Creek in River Oaks (at the River Oaks Golf Club) ended with a tree planting event. In addition, initiatives have been taken to install surviving rocks, live trees and native plants, all of which prevent erosion and also reduce the process of spot pollution. According to Waterkeeper, the water flow was also blocked by adding stair pools that were slow, filtering and trapping.

“Many of our rivers and streams have damaged shores, which is why the Living on the Waterfront Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper has focused rehabilitation work on our entire community. to improve water quality and create healthy living conditions, ”explained Buffalo Niagara Executive Director Waterkeeper Jill Jedlikka. “Our project at Spicer Creek in River Oaks is a prime example of innovative collaboration between a non-profit organization and a private golf club that aims to make the environment healthier and more sustainable for everyone. makes the whole effort even more rewarding. ”

In total, the project envisages the rehabilitation of two hectares and 5,280 feet of coastline at a cost of 8,000 saplings and native trees. Funding for this project is provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Initiative for the Rehabilitation of Large Lakes.

Waterkeeper cited the public and private aspects of this project as an example, which can be illustrated in other cases. Golf courses are as unnatural as possible, so when the opportunity arises to incorporate natural elements into designs, this is a huge bonus for the community, the region and even golfers who feel they are actually working with them. more.

“We hope the rehabilitation practices implemented through this project can be transferred to other golf courses across the pool,” said Emily Ruth, director of environmental programs. “Improvements not only improve water quality and habitat, but also create visual interest in the course, and the course has received positive feedback since the completion of the rehabilitation. We are grateful for the cooperation with River Oaks in this project and their contribution to the implementation of the project. “

Hopefully, we will implement more of these types of joint rehabilitation initiatives, especially when natural water facilities are located nearby. It is great to see a good working relationship between the two groups, which is usually considered when discussing environmental issues on different sides of the wall.

“Here at River Oaks Golf Club, we are delighted to welcome such an amazing project to our property. We are proud of the restoration of the waterways that run through the golf course and encourage others to do the same,” he said. Said River Oaks, head of golf course Ricky Johnson, Jr., said, “It was such an easy transition for me that I kept the field and helped complete this project. We want to say a special thank you to the Buffalo Waterkeeper for all this at the River Golf Club. Oaks happened. ”


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