The buffalo and the southern surface are connected by bicycle, foot and horse


GObike is completing an 80-mile south-level road plan that connects Buffalo and the southern level by bike, foot and horseback (with some snowmobiles). GObike has teamed up with Alta Planning & Design to complete a feasibility study that demonstrated the ability to create impressive a shared roadway between the city of Buffalo and the town of Hinsdale, New York.

Plan continued efforts to develop and implement a a global network of greenway networks that will connect people and places in seamless ways that ensure a healthy lifestyle and outdoor lifestyle.

The 80-mile Tier Trail Trail plan includes the restoration of the legendary Cascade Bridge in Springville, New York.

Cascade Bridge in Springville, New York

Ultimately, the South Pole will have to be connected with a nationwide landscaping network – the 750-mile Empire State Trail (the longest multi-lane public road in the nation) and the 90-mile Genesee Valley Greenway.

  • In the South Road It will connect 21 cities and towns in Western New York
  • The proposed route will cover 75 miles of multi-lane road and five miles of road facilities

This route should use the former railway corridors to connect the historic centers of the cities and at the same time highlight the natural resources throughout the region. Funding for community research and advocacy thanks Ralph S. Wilson, Small Foundation and Ralph S. Wilson, Small Heritage Funds, managed by the Greater Buffalo Public Foundation.

“By continuing to improve the Coastal Trail, connecting the Empire State Trail and Ontario networks, along with the possibility of completing a regional tour by offering the Southern Tier Trail and Genesee Valley Greenway, the New York area will make cycling a world-class destination.” said Justin Booth, CEO of GObike. “We are thrilled to present the final plan of the Southern Hemisphere to bring local communities across the cities of Erie and Catarrh to a neighborhood-level project plan.”

The main findings of the study are:

  • The 80.1-mile route has been identified and grouped into 23 projects, including nine priority projects selected to connect large population centers and widen or widen existing roads;
  • The trail stretches from Ridge Road in Lacavanna to Genesee Valley Greenway in Hinsdale, New York, and has 24 trails and access points;
  • If priority routes are implemented, 94% of the route (74 miles) will be off-road;
  • The southern part of the trail maintains access for horse riders and snowmobiles; and
  • Stabilization of the Cascade Bridge, a high-rise bridge over the Springville, New York, a. signature appointment for the trail.

As it progresses, GObike will pursue further partnerships with the community, seek funding for high-level projects, and develop management and maintenance plans.

Ellicottville-Great Valley Recreational Trail | Connected Elizabeth St.

“It’s exciting to see all the new opportunities that the South Pacific route brings to the region,” said Ben Anderson, a special project planner at the Seneca Indian Nation. “We look forward to meeting you at the Onönohsagwë: de’ Cultural Center and the healthier exterior of the South Gateway Trail, the Finger Lakes Trail, and the North Country Trail. will be a way of life while developing tourism for the Seneca Nation during this time! ”

“The village of Springville is eager to support the feasibility study of the southern route as it widens and widens the village railway, which we opened in 2016. This study is an important plan to increase tourism in our village and area as our experience shows that the railroad serves both our residents and visitors, ”said Springville Village Mayor William Krebs.“ We are particularly committed to rehabilitating the higher-level Cattaraugus Creek Bridge in the south and connecting it with the ski resort and county park in the north. we are interested. “

Ellicottville Sidepath | НТ 219

“The city of Ashford is supporting the creation of a railroad in Ashford. Restoring the Cascade Bridge as a gateway to Ashford and Cattaragus is a big step forward in attracting tourism and other human endeavors in search of people for everything we offer, ”said John Pfeffer, Ashford Inspector.“ Ashford is the gateway to the magical mountains of Cataragus. . “

Ashford Rail with trail

“The city of Olin is proud of the pedestrian and bicycle trails that already exist in our community, and we are excited to be included in the Southern Trail Level Feasibility Study,” said Mayor William J. Ayello, city of Olean. “The creation of a network of trails will allow both visitors and residents to experience the beauty and tranquility that our region offers; and ultimately the southern level shift will have a positive economic impact on our society. ”

Great Valley | Claws Rd

“The South China Sea base will be an important asset for western New York, improving the quality of life of local residents and connecting communities in a way that brings people together and promotes economic growth,” said Lindsay Zefting, chief and professional engineer at Alta Planning. and Design. “Working on this walk project was an honor that will have a positive impact on the region.”

As the implementation of another regional trail approaches fruition, the creation of Buffalo is more important than ever for cycling. While some progress has been made over the past few years, the passage of the “Full Streets” initiative should go a long way. Streets and paths available for cycling should be connected later. And steps must be taken to stop cars and trucks from using bicycle lanes as a drop-off zone. It’s time to get serious about cycling in Buffalo.


Newell Nussbaumer is the ‘queenseyes’ – Queen City Eyes and the founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder of the Elmwood Avenue Arts Festival. Co-founder of the Powder Keg Festival, which created the world’s largest ice cream beetle (Guinness Book of Records). The temptation is behind the emerald beach in the Erie Basin Marina. Flurrious together! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. The provocateur is behind Saturday’s Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of the retro and vintage market The Peddler in Elmwood. The provocateur behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws the magic ball to Statler City, Hertel Street Arts Festival and Flutterby Avenue.

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