Set a protected pattern with 40 cottage streets


For years, we have been talking about property owners in absentia and their unscrupulous negligence as a result of countless scenarios of “breach by negligence”. Yes, there is a lot of talk, but very few actions, which is unfortunate because there are still so many other buildings in danger.

Recently, there has been some good news on this front, as 40th Street, located in the historic district of Allentown, thanks to the sustained efforts of Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN) and other conservationists, including Fillmore, offers a new life. 5 historic districts, including Cobblestone and Johnson Park).

According to Jesse Fisher, PBN’s executive director, it was Judge Patrick Carney who also appointed and strengthened PBN as the recipient of the Allentown residence order. Now the outdated property and problems are being rectified as a pilot project, which we hope will lead to similar successes in the future.

For the first time, there is a real hope that this type of defensive warfare can not only be resolved, but resolved. Over the years, we have observed that the historical fabric of our neighborhoods has collapsed, especially in areas like East Said. But this problem has repeatedly occurred in every corner of our city, from the West to Cobblestone.

The concrete building at 40 Cottage Street, owned by Charles Dobukki (outside the state), has been a problem for years. Since having an empty apartment (two structures – front and back), there have been many problems and complaints from neighbors and the Allentown Association. But the owner pays his taxes, so there were relatively few applications in the city. She also pays her Housing Court fines, but does nothing to address the real issue. The really sad part is that he owns 5 properties in Allentown and Johnson Park and it’s all empty and getting worse, Fisher says.

“It doesn’t matter if we punish him,” Fischer said. “We want a solution. We want to protect the building and the neighbors. We were there this morning and the invaders lived there. ”

I asked Fisher why anyone wanted the building to be empty and dilapidated. She told me that so far the owners have not been given enough pressure to do the right thing. So, for whatever reason, they sit in a position and make fun of the slaps on the hands.

Now, starting with 40 Street cottages, there will be real pressure. The way it works is that the owner still owns the building, but PBN is the court appointed. This means that the court has authorized the PBN to rectify the breach of building rules. PBN uses its own funds and gets the job done. They then ask the court to reimburse it at the owner’s expense.

Fisher says the main reason they were able to do this is because they have a bonus pro lawyer. Otherwise, they would not have been able to do so. The city also sees the work of a private sector lawyer worthy – it was the city that asked the judge to take action.

The hope is that this “experiment” will bring back the proof of the concept. This means that other facilities that were in PBN’s view will be targeted in the same way, not just in Allentown … but in areas like Cobblestone.

“It’s a shot from the bow,” Fisher notes. “It’s not easy. It’s difficult. There are risks. But we are destroying the lodge. We are also creative – usually with an admissions program, the buildings are occupied. Therefore, the “buyer” collects the rent until the item is returned. This tactic has never been applied to an empty building. Fortunately, we have an excellent lawyer and the status of ‘occupation’ is no longer real. “

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