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Last March, I was working at an event in Kleinhans where I was talking to a group. One of them mentioned guitarist and songwriter Vincent Bonelli. The chat aroused my interest and in the coming days I checked out some of his work. The very recent days have also led to the disruption of our economic and social structure, which continues. So the priorities changed and the story went on the shelf.

As musicians adapt to the changing landscape of society, many continue and develop new music. When I saw that Vincent was about to release new material, I thought it was a good time to visit.

Photo by Dave Jarosh

I got a 17-year-old musician with a guitar this week to learn more about him and his work. “My mom and dad are not musicians, but they are music lovers,” he says. She recalled that she always listened to music in the family car. “They always listened to classical rock, especially the Eagles and Santana.” Citing Don Felder and Carlos Santana as influencers, he continued: “Some of the things I heard inspired me to take up the guitar.”

It actually started in Pre K, where Cambria, New York always sang and mostly performed. Her teacher recognized her interest in it and offered her parents vocal lessons because it was clear that this was the work she was born to do. They started him in voice lessons and soon he took the next step. “My vocal teacher encouraged me to take an instrument and accompany me,” she says, and at the age of 5 she took guitar lessons.

She was performing at school or wherever she didn’t go. In an instant he begins to write original music. “I started with covers, what kind of music I enjoyed doing,” he continues, “I started writing when I was 11 and recorded my first album, Lines, at the age of 15. This year It was 2018. “

His writing style has a lot of coverage, with references to the country and inspiring voices across the country.

His writing style has a lot of coverage, with references to the country and inspiring voices across the country. I personally found a strong vibe in John Mayer in his music, he agreed. “Singing and playing John Mayer’s guitar is a great inspiration for my music.”

Vincent is currently completing his latest album under his own name and will be releasing a single today titled ‘Steady’, which is available on Spotify and other streaming services.

The senior from Starpoint High School is thinking about taking his next steps forward. “The plan is to go to college, get a degree in the music business and studio production,” he says, as he plans to turn music into a full-time career. “It’s important to know how to market yourself and connect with your audience. I love acting and how emotional it is for the audience. ”

Vincent also continues as a guitar student and still teaches classes and prepares to study at future colleges. He has a keen interest in the craft and has a strong belief that he will be able to record it as a full-fledged market artist as he moves from a new document to a new one. Check out his music here.

I remember that day in March and I can’t help but be surprised by the conversations I hear in these halls. These are beautiful, timeless and magnificent music rooms that have been seen and heard for decades – they really are. to do the conversation of the next generation of great young musicians of our homeland will inspire.

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