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Dionne Warwick’s song from the past offers these wise sayings: “Going while it’s a good job. Knowing when to go is probably the wisest thing anyone can learn. Go! ” It’s a blog about being a politician I think we have some real political agenda for these words at the national and local levels.

We can start with the obvious: it’s time for Donald Trump to step down from the presidency. It’s all over. He did. The goose is cooked. Packaging start time. Do not let the screen door knock on you as you exit. Go!

Even the Trumpkins need to make it clear that the best thing you can do when you get the presidency is to have your most notorious and unpopular lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, stand with his second son, Eric, in front of a greening business, next to a sex shop to announce that you win after the Associated Press and all the networks, including Fox, called the race for Joe Biden.

Eric recently emailed: “There are ridiculous differences of opinion across the country, so my father formed such voices. Task Force on Defense of Elections to FIGHT AGAINST THIS CORRUPTION … Is my father counting on you?

Please EVERYONE donates immediately to join the Election Defense Task Force and increase your influence by up to 1000%. ”

Note to potential contributors: none of your money will actually go to “election advocacy” activities if you don’t contribute more than $ 8,333, a tiny detail.

As widely reported, the “Rapid Election Defense Group” is essentially to raise money from Donald Trump to pay off election campaign debts, millions, and then to fund a new PAC leadership, Save America, which Trump founded. . The National Committee receives 40 percent of the revenue. The new PAC will also pay for Trump to build a political structure to fund his distributor rallies, and will pay a few dollars to his favorite politicians who stand by to kiss his butt.

All of this, of course, freezes the ball to the 2024 Republican candidates, who are very brave enough to face the fearless leader. How long will volunteers like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, etc. wait idle in the bronze ring waiting for their chance?

There may be a few other plans for the Rapid Defense Team. “Person 1” may face a violation of election law, tax laws, or business laws on the day. The Working Group’s money can be useful for paying legal bills.

And then came the issue of repaying a $ 421 million debt. It has been suggested that Trump could reveal a national security secret. Hmm!

Knowing when to go is probably the wisest thing anyone can learn. Trump may be smart and cunning, but he’s not very smart, so such advice is a waste of time for him.

On the local front

It’s not too early to look at 2021. There will be several hundred local constituencies in Erie County next year.

Amendments to the election law, which boosted the party’s nomination process, will take less time before the political break to the next round of appeals, fundraising and primaries. Applications for these 200+ posts are due to hit the streets in February. This means that parties must line up candidates by the end of January, with only ten weeks left.

Most of the 200 offices that comprise provincial and plus city legislatures and small town offices will not attract much attention; many will not even have two candidates. The running mates will be the mayor of Buffalo, the county sheriff of Erie, and the county accountant of Erie.

Working as mayor for 16 years and then considering a fifth-round race is an interesting proposition. Is there a retention period or date of sale for that main executive office?

At the moment, there seems to be no overt alternative to Byron Brown. State Sen. Tim Kennedy may want to look for the office one day, but Brown and Kennedy are allies, so Kennedy will be delayed for a while, even while adding to his $ 1 million war fund.

Sean Ryan’s upcoming senator and assembly may also have a future interest in the post, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to hit it off in 2021. City Council members are either not inclined to vote or do not have the resources to do so. Those who hold various judicial positions are paid too high to give it up to become mayor. There is no politician waiting on the wing. So, it’s basically going to end with “you can’t hit anyone with someone”.

The word on the street is that Sheriff Tim Howard will be a candidate in 2021 – to Town Wales Supervisor. Various names are being circulated in political circles for new sheriff candidates, including former Buffalo police officers, the wife of a judge and a former candidate, but no one has emerged as the person to be considered the first step in the process.

Erie County Superintendent Stefan Michaeliv may very well be a candidate in 2021 – to be a supervisor in Hamburg. Or maybe run for a seat in county law. Or maybe he is looking for a job in the private sector. After burning his money to the Republican County Party in his congressional campaign, the scenario will likely be calculated for another term by Michael. Perhaps Deputy Inspector Lynn Dixon in the county office will get another blow. Ten weeks after the party’s approval, there are no major Democratic candidates on the horizon.

While it’s good to go, go. Higher advice is not always followed in politics.

Money in politics

The latest edition Investigative mail“Money in politics.” In the present article, I and Geoff Kelly discuss the political contributions of brothers John, Jeffrey, and Jerome Williams. You can also click on our latest podcast. This link: www.investigativepost.org

Ken Crowley writes about politics and other things politandstuff.com. You can visit his site and write a comment about this message.

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