One day the (s) of music died


“Soon, I still remember how that music made me smile.” Due to the impact of COVID-19 on the country, I returned from my position in the music industry. The live entertainment industry has been in the dark since early April. Future events were either postponed or canceled. To combat this, the artists, although with little success, began to broadcast concerts online. But why? Don’t we believe in Rock and Roll? Unfortunately, it’s hard when we remember the last album or CD we bought. Or if we have ever complained about the high cost of concert tickets, just download the music of the artists on the streaming channels to participate in free events. Paying for a Spotify account doesn’t count … which can’t save your dead soul.

The eight-and-a-half-minute song, released in November 1971, can’t be more appropriate today. Don McLean opened the popular song in response to the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and Bopper Bopper at a time when the country was at the height of political turmoil and in a war that few believed. which was written more than 10 years after this infamous accident, must have had a different meaning. McLean explained that America was going in the wrong direction and questioned the moral truths of our country. And dry lips? Well, that’s how he said that America doesn’t have much depth in culture and art. Sound familiar?

“Did you write a love book?” Of course, I didn’t. Well, let’s break it down. I am in Canada he fell in love with a woman much more than a year ago. Since the whole pandemic started, I have only been able to see him once in person; a closed border breach would allow Canadians to fly to the United States, provided they declare a 14-day quarantine upon their return. Oh, and don’t forget those live video conversations! It’s pure romance. Of course, this is difficult. Harder? Try to get him to move to America at this point.

“And do you believe in a god above?” I grew up a Catholic and my father regularly attends public meetings (although now this is a car and you listen to the sermon on your radio). I haven’t been to church since the New Year, which is usually kept in a dusty basement on a pillow seat of some sort. I still couldn’t read the Lord’s Prayer properly, which they changed on me a few years ago. Although my girlfriend’s prayer was answered at our first meeting. No, neither did she meet the man of her dreams (I found out later that I was nothing like her); but, when she asked me who I voted for, I answered correctly.

McClain never revealed who the characters were in his song, probably because he wanted us to decide for ourselves. It is a timeless work of art. Can the potential death of the Vietnam War be compared to the deaths of the coronavirus? Both moral and political conflicts within an unstable country are forcing both nations to seek change.

“And while the king was looking down, the joke stole his thorny crown.” It reminds me of Bruce Springsteen’s “Badlands” in which he says “Poor wants to be rich, Rich wants to be king”. And the king will not be satisfied until he rules over all things. ” It basically sums up the policy. Unfortunately, we succumbed to it and lost our freedom along the way. In the 1970s, there was no health pandemic, only an epidemic of war, power and greed. But it seems that we do not have to go far to see such a plague. We can walk the streets and find it among ourselves.

“And there we were all in the same place. A generation lost in space. ” If Don could have been more aware of social media while writing this song, it would have been another eight bytes. I’ll be honest, even lost in the social media field. Is it crazy that the president tweets more than a teenage girl? Yes.

“Oh, when I watched him on stage, my hands were clenched with angry fists. No angel born in hell can break Satan’s magic. “It seems like we have our character back on stage these days. But we dance badly at village gatherings to the villagers. I have never been a person to argue about politics until 2020. It makes me feel weak. Although I am unemployed and cannot see my girlfriend in Canada, I am still eligible. It’s Tuesday, the day I vote.

Ellis Cairns

A Ellis Cairns has lived in Buffalo since 2006. Hi from Pittsburgh, A also lived in Maryland and New Jersey. He graduated from Dukes University with a bachelor’s degree in communications and spent the summer of his final year experimenting with Live Nation. After graduation, A took a full-time position with Live Nation in the sales department at the Darren Lake Craft Center and assisted in sales and sponsorship sales.

Five years ago, A within the company made an internal move to become an event support specialist with Ticketmaster, programming events throughout the Northeast. Having worked in the music industry for more than 10 years, A has seen and collaborated with various artists and singers. In his spare time, A is a concert photographer who often performs for Live Nation throughout the Upstate New York area. A fierce Pittsburgh fan, he regularly participates with his father in the Pittsburgh Steeler and Penguin games.

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