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Over the decades, chemical fertilizer and mowing companies have told us (via TV commercials) that our front and back yards should look like golf courses that we now know about. unnatural as it gets. In fact, we used to cultivate lifeless plots that are not only harmful to the environment, but also harmful to humans and pets.

Unfortunately, getting a message to homeowners is not easy. Meanwhile, advertisements for green manure are being suppressed, garden groups are spraying, and chemical companies continue to issue coupons for Roundup pesticides (weeds and weed killers that now belong to it). Bayer). It is a constant bombardment of one-sided information by chemical companies that are built to pressure people to buy more and more products.

As a way to attract people to the ships by removing pesticides, instead of natural and organic care and garden care, the Erie Environmental Management Board (EMC) and the Erie County Branch of Cornell Cooperative Extension partnered with the Erie County Department of Environment and Planning (EEP). ) to start “Name the Gnome Contest.” The gnome in question is a four-limbed gnome statue – a mascot for a healthy home campaign for Gnomes who travel around the city to learn about the harmful nature of the use of insecticides, herbicides (including weeds and “weed and food” products). , fungicides and other pesticides. Finally, the gnome’s house should not be chemical.

In total, residents in Erie’s area take care of about 122 square miles, or 78,000 acres of land, using their own weed chemicals on average about 3 pounds, or 234,000 pounds, per hectare of grass.

During his travels, this unknown (currently) gnome will visit parks, schools, libraries, gardens and festivals and share lessons about taking care of his yard without relying on chemicals.

But before the gnome can travel, he needs a name. This is where you enter.

“We can’t have an anonymous gnome,” said DEP Commissioner Thomas Hershey. “We are looking forward to having fun while the gnome is out. EMC and Extension Cooperative Cornell have put a lot of effort in this direction and we hope that this exciting activity will increase the demonstration of this important initiative. ”

Naming competitors is encouraged mortgage that they treat their flowers as Mother Nature intended. Each participant will receive a green sign that proudly indicates the health and safety of their yard.

Make your lawn a safe haven for gnomes!

It’s time for us to start from our homes and respect the surroundings. The best and easiest way we can do this is to take care of your outdoor space and stop the spread of chemicals into the environment.

The old adage, “What you don’t know can’t hurt you?” – Remember. Well, in this case the picture is absolutely correct. When we poison our yard, we poison everyone and everything that comes in contact with them.

To enter the contest, entrants must enter the recommended name via email using the “Gnome” subject line until April 30, 2021.

In addition to the name of the gnome, participants are asked to include the name, address, telephone number and name of the school where they studied (if possible). Multiple entries can be offered. The winner of the contest will be determined next month, and the winner of the contest will be recognized for his clever word with a thank you gift and a photo with a gnome.

For more information:

On the Healthy Vessels Initiative in Erie County, visit

The name and graphics are “Home for Gnomes,” developed by students at Daemen Design College.


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