Moving home during COVID-19: What used to be, will never be, and what it is now


Author: Maria Sebastian

I stand on a corner of Forest Avenue and Elmwood, waiting by the red light every day, in the neighborhood where I grew up – in the village of Elmwood Buffalo – a wonderful mix of longing, inevitability, compassion, hope and that thing. which I now realize is a property – a duty, perhaps said, a pride; after all it is home. But the more I move through this six or eight block and the surrounding streets full of art, the more I worry that it won’t be much.

And from something not to be proud of – not just Bills. Despite the region’s aging and aging, within Frisby’s distance, near the site of Buffalo State College, the Richardson Olmsted Complex – a former Gothic spiritual center and a national historic landmark, is now a luxury hotel and conference center. On either side of it eats a small collection of cheap multicultural restaurants and a gas station, and before me, all like this or not, the growing body of the controversial condo / beloved retail project replaces the long-established small businesses but in need of renovation. have – in the former houses with classic arches of the East Coast style. Shops like “Home of Hits” records, “Cat Cat” and various boutiques that have passed and passed over disco, punk and grunge are definitely what local people still see when passing.

As I continue, I hear a radio playing somewhere between a lobby-room and a potential-future laundry room – a kind of modern pop that I agreed to recognize – everything is not, is, and should never be. be, but perhaps is on the verge. At all times to get back to the old neighborhood, I had to, now – during the virus – when I chose that even the businesses that have created all these years are in danger of extinction and desperate women must attack Jersey Shores – laws . (I just walk through the “We’ll Never Wear” store and probably never – if only for the reason that it was open before I could go there).

Every certain age feels the door closing at times when they realize that they only know the familiar streets by the things that have been planted in them before. They point out, “This was my favorite clothing store” or “That kitchen used to be small!” At the end of the extension, they add “Everything has changed” or “God is old” or “It wasn’t like that” if they stick to clichés, sometimes “Everyone is dead.” Maybe that’s – clicks – this region has never been a cliché. and it shouldn’t be. Or maybe it is. Maybe every city has Elmwood. Maybe I’m just a sentimentalist John Lennon who’s “clinging to ruin” (even Ibsen is here). All these morphs are in my middle-aged brain as I pass. more pizza and more watermelon. I’ve been reluctant to walk around town for the last 30 years, with family reasons, just twenty miles away for family reasons. If a pandemic doesn’t happen, I’ll probably move as a new empty nest to a bigger city like Manhattan or a city that a long time ago like Woodstock, I moved to Catskills where I was hoping to move there one day, but what will they do? Places like 2020? As a musician and a single professor, without any concerts and college admission registration, I was on the wall on k I was terrified, afraid I wouldn’t find a job – but I was forced to leave Plevantville.

One day after my second child, my son, enlisted in the military in August 2020, I screamed at everyone and on the eve of leaving my physical belongings and moving to a place where I lived alone near Starbucks. My older daughter called the same week and said she was going home. He recently got a sweet tech job in northern Michigan, and after “going away” like many businesses, they approved his application for a job from anywhere, even Buffalo. It just meant she moved to the Elmwood area and I would go too, and we remember all those dear characters who inspired me all my life and her with her creativity – her music, her favorite stripe up and down the parade, graffiti them, their side: Mark Freeland walks into some of the most important places on earth in an American national costume and spandex “flake” pants – I was stopped one day in front of the Everything Everything Elmwood gift shop by our co-bassist Brian Burd, “… sang one of your songs today – you should be proud!” -Our Entrepreneurship: Mark Corsi Opening or Closing Post Artist, a young, thin, tall and long-legged, second, middle-aged “Bro”, a stage instrument – those are fantastic spirits, many of whom are now ghosts we remember with a smile as we pass , like anyone who knows them.

Parts of Elmwood Village are on the left bank of Buffalo. I imagine Hemingway swearing in the corner, swearing about the mixes, and with a long hand at Caffé Aroma, a small cafe that has been outdoors all year round on the side of Bidwell Parkway, – “On the other side of the road “I grew up less than a mile away from the poor blocks. Fitzgerald would be a guest, but often bar-hoped near Williamsville, our right bank, if we were still in Paris (he lived in Buffalo as a child). With small art shops, and the slow drying of Tony Walker, I hope to be patient and not leave the city again to avoid their particular queens and hubbies. It’s been a lot of fun with my daughter recently and the co-op should last at least our lifetime. The comic shop and Thai venue may have disappeared, but there are still queues to eat ginger spit, imported handicrafts, and sprinkled blueberries “inside the country”. We meet often in the middle of the day and when I see her in the corner of a British and retro pink Freeland bar and smile at me from the window of the alternative Shoe Fly, I pour all the art and music and creativity of this neighborhood on her. and see the embrace. noisy clichés: survival and survival – survival and development – life and learning – reconstruction and resistance. Let them put their hotels on our Boardwalk. In any case, no one travels.

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