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The newly formed Buffalo Rice Guide, Local Made, will be published on the second Wednesday of each month as a way to introduce and familiarize readers with local producers: start-ups or new futures entrepreneurs, small artists and developers.

Creating bank girls

When Katie Turber became a mother, she learned that “the former happy participant of his, movies, wore a nice dress and t-shirts, caffeine and Netflix were here.” She enjoys creating things that bring a unique sense of humor and experience as a mother of three to her products. She made her two biggest brands, Because children and Chaos Coordinator to popular product packages. Plus, she donates a percentage of her monthly income to the Oshei Buffalo Children’s Hospital!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Jeanne Mullan – Swimming World

The “floating world” in Buddhist philosophy refers to our physical and eternal world. Jeanne Mullan is an experimental visual artist who uses a combination of different processes and materials of different layers to create mystery and movement in her work, challenging the image of the image. Jeanne Mullan’s paintings honor both the beauty of our world and its fleeting reality. In a state of constant change, all matter changes. On earth and in space, we live. His images are alive and moving in water, earth, wind and sky. They exist in places of transition between the seasonal periods from birth to death.

Website | Instagram | Buffalo Art Movement

Trebird Jewels

Trebird Jewelry was founded in 2012 by Katie Toth after graduating from Buffalo State College. There he became acquainted with metallurgy, which led to a desire to continue learning more about the craft. In her early years, she experimented with various forms of jewelry, such as wire wrapping, sewing, and so on. This eventually led to the use of skateboards as their tool, which lasted for years. As his style evolved and the techniques changed, he turned to metallurgy to create immortal masterpieces with beautiful stones and silver. Trebird is constantly evolving and constantly adding new styles and styles to each part. As an iron ore miner, Katie is always excited to learn about the process and expand her skills. Her unique jewelry makes a great gift.

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Kitch Studio

Erin Roberts discovered Etsy in 2010 and fell in love with her mission. “I’m convinced that buying something handmade and unique in our modern retail environment is something unique and beautiful, and I’m proud to be a part of it.” Using her talents as a screen printer and inspired by her love of kitchen and home accessories, she started Kitch Studio, believing that a few good things using a bold design could work in space without breaking the bank. “I want you to GIDDY open a new small tea towel or sign that you’ve just placed it in your kitchen! It’s the kind of happiness that makes you just want to see it again … And I’m trying to get it with my Kitch shop – beautiful and unique pieces that are carefully crafted with your own hands and make you feel a little better. make them happier. ”

Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

Resort shop

One of the biggest things we’ve realized over the last year is key comfort, especially for those who work from home. Sweaters and sweatshirts have become a staple of clothing, especially in the cold Buffalo winter and even in the spring. Sarah Desmono, owner of The Lounge Shop, started her company by closing the Buffalo Hall in the center. It has customers in at least 21 states and now has branches and uniforms for customers in cities and regions of the country. Comfort is key and no one does it better than Lounge Shop.

Etsy | Facebook | Instagram

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