Legato: Gives the power of the concert process to the musicians


The future of live music is always getting better and brighter. The Internet has become a virtual platform for bands, musicians and music fans that we could never have imagined.

Now, a local startup called Legato is throwing its top hat in the ring, offering “a live streaming platform that has created for musicians the ability to host live paid performances to watch from their home, studio or venue. “

The platform, which launched worldwide last Monday, is “… honest to all.”

Essentially, Legato allows musicians to join the virtual (and multifaceted) arena of the concert process and control their performances.

Already, the platform has risen sharply with European musicians and bands who were fascinated by the ease and convenience of the system. In addition to Buffalo, Legato has cities in Amsterdam and LA that help to expand the global scope of the project.

Definition: Closed the guitar is usually associated with playing notes over a set period of time, i.e. playing 5 (quintuplet) or 7 (septuplet) notes instead of the normal pair or triple number.

In addition to the interactive freedom that Legato offers, musicians are looking for 100% of the revenue to go to the artists – the platform adds a little service fee at the end of each ticket sale (at the buyer’s end).

“Legato allows musicians to set up live streams to pay for installation. Each direct stream is unique to one device, so the ticket buyer cannot distribute his or her ‘ticket’ to others. ”

Now, the Legato team is inviting Buffalo musicians to join the ranks of the world for free.

Enrolling is easy – musicians just have to Linked Website, sign up for a meeting with the onboarding virtual team and set up profile pages. Each page includes images, bios, social media links, and a show calendar. In the not-too-distant future there will be the ability to add samples of music / songs and other interactive aspects.

Once a page is created, musicians can bring their pages to market. They can also change their pages by updating the information – which is expected to progress within two weeks.

In the case of virtual demonstrations, live streams take place live on the Legato platform. These shows won’t survive forever on the internet – it’s a one-time deal … fans will pay to see the show, enjoy the show and enjoy the experience and memories.

The streaming performances for the musicians and bands were much better … thanks to the Legato platform, which now sounds from his hometown of Buffalo, New York.

Click here register as a musician or as a band.


Newell Nussbaumer is the ‘queenseyes’ – Queen City Eyes and the founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder of the Elmwood Avenue Arts Festival. Co-founder of the Powder Keg Festival, which created the world’s largest ice cream beetle (Guinness Book of Records). The temptation is behind the emerald beach in the Erie Basin Marina. Flurrious together! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. The provocateur is behind Saturday’s Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of the retro and vintage market The Peddler in Elmwood. The provocateur behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws the magic ball to Statler City, Hertel Street Arts Festival and Flutterby Avenue.

Contact Newell Nussbaumer | Newell@BuffaloRising.com

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