Most of us don’t know the feeling of being without a father – we live with the uncertainty of the gut if someone accepts us. But there are many children in our society who, unfortunately, only know that feeling. And while there are amazing organizations like KidsPeace that usually do a good job of matching orphans with loving mothers and fathers, 2020 was a tough year for almost everyone. When jobs are lost and money is tight, adoption rates fall. At the same time, the demand for care is huge. This is a problem that cannot be addressed without the help of organizations and individuals.

Even when times are tough, most people have the ability to share. This is also a two-way street. Parents have the resources that children need, while children have a love that embraces the hearts and souls of their caregivers and adult guardians.

Often people think of adoption scenarios between children and childless parents. Obviously this is given. But there are families who want to adopt additional children. Take the Hodges family, for example – Rita and her husband Warren have always dreamed of having a big family and planned to adopt one day.

“We had six children during our seven years of marriage – one single birth, then twins, then triplets,” explained Rita (lead image). “This has delayed our upbringing and adoption plans. Once the kids were all teenagers, we decided we could move on with parenting and adoption. We preferred groups of brothers and sisters. We realize that not all families have someone who can intervene to take care of a child or a child. We wanted to make sure the brothers could stay. ”

Family photo: (LR) Taylor, Jeff, Julianne, Warren, Jonathan, Maya, Sophia, Michael (front), Victoria (front), Rita Ann (behind Michael), Marigres (behind Victoria), Caitlin ( in front), Jeremy (behind Caitlin), Haleyanna, Nicholas

When Rita and Warren decided it was time to adopt, they turned to KidsPeace. Eventually, parents also began looking for children who were considered “difficult to accommodate”. They wanted to “give the kids a second chance” or a first chance for the issue. “We built our team – one boy, one girl, one sister, one sister, one family member at a time … we are Team Hodges!”

Now, of course, this is an unusual scenario, as not all families will ever reach this size. Ultimately, what this picture shows is that there is always cash waiting on whose wings is the best game for an orphan child. It all comes down to the match making process. In the case of Hodges, their altruistic belief was that they could provide a safe, loving, and supportive environment to those most in need. “There’s nothing like this moment when we as foster parents understand that a child feels safe and loved.”

“There are about half a million foster children across the country,” he said Mark P. Lazzara, who helps to get the word out on KidsPeace. “Demand for adoptive parents and adoptions has increased significantly. Factors such as opioid dependence are forcing more children out of their homes. More than 20,000 young people will be excluded from the system. Often, young people are forced to leave the system without finding a permanent family, which forces them to take care of themselves. The campaign this season focuses on Buffalo’s temptation with sports. The message is, ‘Take a step back and get into the game! Every child should be a group, so what can you say? ”

KidsPeace works with a variety of children, some of whom need parental numbers in their lives, while others require additional medical and emotional needs. Once again, depending on the wishes and resources of the parents / resources, the KidsPeace guide is to find the best games of all at the table.

For 2021, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s KidsPeace of Western NY Foster Care is launching a collective engagement campaign that will kick off on January 18th, MLK Day. KidsPeace has organized individual and group meetings in West New York for those interested. in joining his Foster team. For more information, contact KidsPeace Foster Care at 716-634-1058 or The group call will be at 18:00 on January 18, 2020.


Newell Nussbaumer is the ‘queenseyes’ – Queen City Eyes and the founder of Buffalo Rising. Co-founder of the Elmwood Avenue Arts Festival. Co-founder of the Powder Keg Festival, which created the world’s largest ice beet (Guinness Book of Records). The temptation is behind the emerald beach in the Erie Basin Marina. Flurrious together! winter festival. Co-creator of Rusty Chain Beer. The rally took place on Saturday behind the Artisan Market (SAM) at Canalside, Buffalo Porchfest and Paint vs. Paint. Founder of the retro and vintage market The Peddler in Elmwood. The provocateur behind Liberty Hound @ Canalside. Throws the magic ball into Statler City, the Hertel Street Arts Festival, and Flutherby Avenue.

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