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Undoubtedly, the times in which we live are extraordinary. The moments we are creating now will be remembered for a lifetime and many lives beyond our time. If we look at the dictionary definition of “history in construction,” we find the following quote: “An event happens that will be remembered in the future, because it is so important.” The definition does not tell us why it is important to whom. It’s usually seen as an event that the public remembers, but in my opinion, it could have something for everyone.

In Buffalo, something happens quietly that no one notices and doesn’t seem to notice. I understand; I was one of the disbelievers for a long time, until I was convinced otherwise. A few weeks ago when my son came up to me and asked if I would be interested in buying Buffalo Sabers tickets so that when I met people for the first time in a year at the KeyBank Center, my answer was probably the same as most. be you. I think my exact words are “You’re going to make fun of me, why am I paying to watch it ?!” Sabers was drowning in one of the worst losing streaks in NHL history at the time, and it was even harder for me to watch. I, like many of you, grew up in Patience. For me, it was the blue chairs in the Aud and watching the teams of the 80s and early 90s icy. Maybe for you it was the team that won our hearts and made it to the Stanley Cup final. There are so many phrases for buffaloes that always get emotional. Two of them are “French Connection” and “No Target!” But Patience today is different, and other unpublished words sometimes remind us of their observations.

My 20-year-old son assured me that I was going mainly because he bought the tickets and I went for a walk with many complaints with regret. One of the main reasons for attending it in the hopes of seeing the history of the NHL in its development was that the famous Hall of Fame Alex Overchkin and his Washington Capitals faced Sabrice on Friday, April 9th.minds. Ovi had the opportunity to overtake his New York West counterpart and Los Angeles Kings Hall of Fame Marcel Dionne for the fifth goal of the all-time list.

To enter the KeyBank center you must have both COVID-19 vaccines and have been vaccinated fourteen days after your second stroke, or a negative test from 72 hours before, or an immediate test within six hours of gametes. (Reference: Quest Diagnostics has a tent located across the field and the Sabers offer cheap instant tests.)

When I entered the field, my complaint was quickly stopped when I realized what a special relationship this could be. Passing through the gates, only one ticket seller waited for us so that we and no one else would find our tickets in the program, and then ONLY the people on the escalator going to our seats were unrealistic. When I went out and closed most of the bottom bowl and looked around, a few other people scattered around the reality of what I wanted to see hit me. Think about whether you will have a real VIP hockey experience where the team will play for you and about 500 of your closest friends. In our chairs were Sabers goodie bags with letters that we liked from the game. The immense surprise of being just two people in the whole chapter made me ignore it when I thought about all the other Sabers games I’ve played in a crowded field. When Doug Allen’s magnificent voice rang out on the shelves and soon the puck fell, the game took to another level. Think about whether you will see your son or daughter playing on the local ice rink. The sound of playing, skating on ice, speeding up, talking from a chair and ice. Then know that this is the official NHL game and only you and a small number of others will choose it.

The author hangs out in a game with his new “friends”.

I got up to the heck of Zdeno Chara and it was a wonderful feeling to know that a 6’9 ”NHL veteran could hear you and he looked straight at me. After getting a bad eye, I sat around among my “friends”. The good thing about them was that they didn’t mind me standing up straight or going back and forth because I was in a row of cartons that the team had sold to the fans instead of the fans.

Washington’s 4th goal was scored by Jacob Vrana. The reductions seem ineffective.

When the teams skipped and played throughout the round, the whole reason for my son’s participation happened in front of us. Ovechkin scored 21 pointsst The goal of the season gave him five embarrassing goals from Dionne’s record-breaking 731 goals. Ovi is one of my son’s favorite players and seeing the joy on his face when he finally saw his empty bush in person was a priceless moment. But what is our patience that makes this goal 2-0?

Fans, here I think you have to think hard about going out on the field and watching this Sabers game. These are not the old “terrible” Sabers, but a YOUNG team that will eventually learn how to play together and give us a look at the future. That night was a highlight for Sam Reinhart at the Ice Center, from his first NHL game to Artu Ruotsalainen and the defensive pair who might stay here. Rasmus Dalin looks like an army skater on a flat skateboard, and his defensive partner, young compatriot Henri Jokiharju, scored 2-1 with a blister from his hands. These Patients play with enthusiasm and purpose. Casey Mittelstadt’s warm hand gave him strength again when he showed a pair of “sick mitts” when he scored a goal to get the team to his goal in the second half and put him in the sixth. the game scored four goals and threw two. When Washington scored to give them two goals in the third period, the team we’ve been watching for the last few months may have lost at that point. But these young bouts didn’t end there and they played hard and pushed the envelope to get the equalizer. Tage Thompson, who has scored three goals in five games, scored the final goal of the night, but unfortunately the team lost that goal to the Washington Capitals 4-3.

When you sit in the center of KeyBank before the end of the year and experience this unique environment, the team that takes the ice isn’t you. They are a really fun team to watch. There is despair from our past years and from returning to a crowded house in a real and figurative sense, but this team will keep you entertained. They take you out of your seats because Rasmus Ristolainen checks a good old blood for Karubba Gerber clash game.

Patience in the lonely grass.
The author and his son’s appearance on television. (No I wasn’t sleeping!)

I had the biggest doubt going into this game, from this experience. I made a thousand excuses as to why I didn’t want to go, but I was clearly wrong. Sitting in the NHL arena, which is designed for 18,000 people, and knowing to witness something unique and special is an amazing moment. This is special when Sabretooth is on YOU and only points to you to be cheerful. Being on TV and being a jumper were things I always wanted to do – cross both of these bucket lists in one game.

If you’re thinking about leaving, think again about what you can give to this team, to our team that plays for the pride of our city and the blue and gold. These kids, like Arttu Ruotsalainen, have been waiting their whole lives to play in the world’s biggest league. Let your voice be a deafening ear that hears when your dream comes true, not the glorious silence of the past year.

Thanks to my son Jake for helping me make history tonight and allowing me to experiment with it – Artu’s first game and Jake Ovi’s first time finding a twine.

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