Fudnerd: For the ‘supreme man’ in all of us.


Food is influential in almost every aspect of our lives. For those who choose the right food, enjoying a tasty meal creates a strong connection with the natural world. Unfortunately, many times even their fresh products are masked with preservatives, food coloring and unhealthy processing, which deprives it of nutrients.

After years of extensive research, Sharon Rose Kryan knew something needed to be done in this growing challenge. “I learned that as a country we are focused on making food more sustainable, as opposed to nutritious,” Krian explained. “Really, I didn’t feel like eating the food available.”

Chia is the highest source of omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, iron and fiber

Thus, Foodner was born – a food preparation business that promotes sustainable and nutritious products. Krian’s vast knowledge about food comes from his own research and development. He began to create vegetarian and food products that made people feel better while consuming them. The word traveled quickly, and before he could realize it, he had a powerful business in his hands.

The first and only breakfast of raw oatmeal salad on the market!

With the growth of business and customers, Krian left the firm in which he worked to sink deeper into the entire consumer world of Foodner. At the time, she also decided to move from Long Island to Buffalo in January 2018.

Among the 25 best food producers, 86% food products are considered Ultra-processing.

After realizing that West New York had a large number of chronic diseases in the state, he found it necessary to demonstrate his business potential. “We wanted to try to keep Buffalo on board as healthy as possible in the city,” Krian said.

Buckwheat contains natural prebiotics, minerals and antioxidants.

When Foodnerd started, the goal was to create a product that was not only delicious, but reflected what people really wanted, without all the preservatives. With the help of nutrition scientists from four different universities, Krian was able to introduce products that include vegetarian, sugar, gluten, artificial, soy and 100% natural – super food for all human beings in all of us.

What sets Foodnerd apart from other super-food contributors is the order of processing. Most food processors remove all nutrients and add preservatives to make them more stable. In contrast, Foodnerds ’production techniques are aimed at maintaining“ bioavailability ”- the amount of food absorbed. All suggestions were positively processed to keep these foods healthy.

For example, the main product – overnight – made of 50-60% fiber. Only one meal can fulfill all the fiber requirements for one day.

Foodner doesn’t expect to learn everything they know about the nutritional value of all their meals. People have a difficult life and do not always have time to research and make informed choices. “We want to meet people who are there. You don’t have to be an education expert to focus on food density, ”explained Krian, who has developed an educational platform with blogs, podcasts and simple guides to help almost anyone they are on their health journey.

Growth increases bioavailability – how well you absorb a range of nutrients.

For Foodnerd, it’s all about balance – people don’t have to change their entire diet and / or lifestyle. It is important to understand that even a sensible and nutritious meal a day can make a significant difference in the way these foods are processed.

“It’s not about getting something, it’s about adding something to your life.”

Visit foodnerdinc.com to end your day and shop for your health from several Overnights.

Order a test box for $ 20

Foodnerd uses completely reusable packaging! When you have finished your Overnights, please clear your mouth and use again.

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