Five Cents (at home): The true story of Wolfboy


Paul is a sweet boy celebrating his 13th birthdayminds birthday Like many teenage teenagers, he questions his identity and personality; the only reason he’s unnatural is – he’s covered in hair like a dog, as his classmates say when he’s been brutally abused. His father (Chris Messina, “Argo” 2012) is attentive, if not always helpful. Father takes Paul (17-year-old Jayden Martelli, “Knives Out” 2019) to the carnival as his birthday present and tells him to take off his woven ski mask and be honored. Try with a wolf-like face.

“The True Adventures of Wolfboy” is reminiscent of “Eighth Grade”. There’s hardly a teenager in it who doesn’t love a missing mother and a caring father. It’s a worthy addition to Coal’s teen canon, though it’s not a hero because it’s a 2018 indie hit. What it has is three charming young stars and, as it is based in the city of Buffalo, have been kindly taken in the film by both the prostitute and the amazing character.

Paul rejected his father’s attempt to send him to a foreign school, where he had to be grouped with children with disabilities and disabilities.

Paul rejected his father’s attempt to send him to a foreign school, where he had to be grouped with children with disabilities and disabilities. Imagine Andrew Solomon’s “Far Away from the Tree,” which skillfully recalls a story about parents with children who are different from them: imagine all those children together in one school. Probably not.

In response to his father, Paul runs to the carnival. Another trope, but one that works. Mr. Silk, the master of carnivals, is an amazing “devil” who plays with the humorous and malicious zeal of John Turtur (as well as the executive producer). “You’re kind of amazing,” he says as Paul opens. This is before Abresh throws him into a cage to attract a carnival to set aside his money and get him. Later, insisting that Wolfboy had to deal with the “reality,” Silk tells Paul that he will not have a friend, that no one will love him: “You have a medical condition”.

The carnival initiative fails, and Paul discovers his exiled colleague, Aristiana, who lives in the shadow of Buffalo’s magnificent elevators. Aristiana, whose real name is Kevin (Sophie Jannamor, transgender actress, “Good Doctor” TV), rejects Paul with travels with others who reject the mainstream, including Rosie (Ev Hevson, “Robin Hood” 2018). ), The “Pirates Queen,” who describes herself as a “suicide bomber” and lives in her car. Paul, Aristiana, and Rosie embark on a series of escapes in which they rob a mini-march (there are colorful signs of Buffalo – although the three are on their way to Pennsylvania to find Paul’s mother) and celebrate a lavish and presentable birthday party. a 13-year-old teenager in one beacon, complete with pyrotechnics. The fantasy of acceptance.

Andrew Droz Palermo’s cinematography (“The Ghost Story” 2017) is prolific, especially when it’s less and less captivating in some of Buffalo’s most iconic locations. In addition to mini-mills and grain elevators, he has a tire depot in Lacavanna, windmills on the shores of Lake Erie, the first old chamber, Skyway, the Art Deco town hall and downtown in a high-rise and high-rise show that covers the film. Another challenge for Buffalo is actor Stephen McKinley Henderson (“Fences” 2016), in which he is known to locals mainly for his voice. Director Martin Craichy, who is known for his shorts and award-winning promotions, presents chapters of the film with striking feature films, such as “The Wolfboy Stories with the Devil” and “The Wolfboy with the Mermaid”.

The school that Paul’s father found is a therapist, the carnival represents an unbearable future, the party is a fantasy, the robbery is the joy of escape. There is no “four” where Paul can find his type; no one else has hair on his face. The mother (Khloev Sevingi) also doesn’t answer that question – although she has a sign upstairs.

Because Paul’s teenage worries are the product of a severe and rare genetic defect, “Wolfboy” may feel less real – less important – than “Eighth Grade.” It’s still a good family movie if you’re good with some rude language, drinking alcohol, robbery, and arson – it doesn’t all end well.

Date: 2019

Director: Martin Creichi

Cast: Jayden Martell, Sophie Jannamore, John Turturo, Chris Messina, Ev Hevson, Chloe Sevingi, Stephen McKinley Henderson

3 stars (out of 4 stars)

Working time: 88 minutes

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Dianna and Bill were early and passionate participants in the Toronto Film Festival and today enjoy scenes from movies in Los Angeles, Rome, London and Buffalo, New York. They began reviewing films for Rome’s TheAmerican / inItalia website in 2016, ran their own blog in Rome for a decade, and published two alternative guidebooks to the Eternal City. They still can’t resist watching the movies, except for the subsequent arguments, which were sometimes heated over a bottle of Arneis at the nearest wine shop.

And this is just the beginning of our review process. Within an hour or two we discuss the film as one of us takes notes. The speaker will take notes and print two copies. Dianna or Bill (usually it depends on who had the most interesting insight into the film or who got the most out of it) writes the first draft of the review – ostensibly from a different point of view, followed by 3, 4, or even 7 another project. In some cases, sometimes days, when we agree with the result (or accept it anyway), it’s over.

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