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If you have ever been through it 549 Western Utika, you may have never noticed its structure. The good news is that this indefinite building has been purchased Frits Abell, that was put your mark a few in the Five Point neighborhood. Now this sign will be even more memorable as the building begins to make its way towards the house Extra Extra.

As long as the business seemed interesting, I was particularly interested in understanding that Fritz, the owners of Extra Extra, and architect Seth Amman were interested. (Arch & Type) was for the building in the store.

“Looking at the building over the years, it’s interesting to see how quickly the building changes,” Amman said. “But the most important thing is the 1886 classic store and the traditional front of the shops that it is today. an amazing mess. ”

Amman told me that most of all, the group felt it was important to work with unusual angles you only find it with these types of old buildings. “It was a great motivation,” he said. “We knew we had to turn the big picture windows around to keep and emphasize sharp corners. We pointed to a historical picture – the building is located in a small pocket that is a little out of sight … hidden between the walls of the building. But it’s also somehow arrogant because of that extreme angle. It’s natural to give your chest a little wind. ”

Since the interior of the building had been completely demolished over the years, there was not much to play on. At the same time, the possibilities were endless. Ammon told me that was the big motivation a sense of correction – get those amazing ratios and turn them into assets. “We’re adding pilasters around the shop windows (similar to the historic look), while increasing the depth and depth of the windows, which allows the restaurant to be flooded with plenty of natural light. We also make several wide seats to be placed under the windows. The Green Code required a high percentage of transparency – we took that to an even higher level. The showcase will be like an ad that presses the business. The corners make the eyes pass through the facade and into the building almost like an optical illusion. It’s like you’re looking at an outside wall, like the corner of a house. It’s interesting – such an interesting project to work on. “

Looking at the preview (leading image – changes are being made), I could see exactly what Amman was describing. The sharp right corner was like an arrow pointing the eye inwards. What could look tight, it turned out enlightening and inviting.

According to Amman, the first business order was to decide how the building would interact with the street and the neighborhood. “We wanted it to speak at a time when people weren’t so worried about the car,” Amman reflected. “Our goal was to improve the walking area with person-centered activities. Fritz is a great curator for business and the owners of Extra Extra are fair people. Architecture is about 98% of people … considering that they exist in society and are inclusive. It’s all about human communication. ”

Amman was quick to point out that one of the biggest success stories in the West is the number of small developers taking over these “masked” buildings and making small jewels in the neighborhood. “These are stops on the way to city life,” he noted. “A little example of what could be. There are knots that go beyond the intersection of the Five Points, creating a pleasant experience. Still on the same day, these fronts were everywhere. ”

The second floor will be converted into a high-rise building

He is right. If you walk around the West, the Old Branch, the East Side, etc., you’ll come across plenty of these riding buildings. Usually, only the piloster columns remain, protruding from the seating windows. We need to keep in mind that, unlike today, not all commercial establishments were found on the streets, such as Elmwood and Hertel. Small shops have sprung up across the city, making it convenient for people to get food and jewelry without having to drive around the city. At this point, we are far from it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go back to basics.

Once opened, Extra will contribute to the community in ways that should be considered a “daily experience”. Sit down and enjoy an ice cream or a slice of pizza. Bicycle parking. The entrance is “pushed” for the duck out of the rain. A place to invite to eat and drink that adds to the legacy of the Five Points as a coordinated and community-oriented venue that is suitable for everyone.

So far, you’ve probably never noticed 549 Western Utika, with a tragic hood of stickers, planks, off center and minus windows. But, don’t miss it as long as you can’t.

Extra Extra | 549 Western Utika | Buffalo NY | Instagram | Facebook

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