Elk Tree Gardens & Castles


Have you ever considered buying a church? Have you ever dreamed about turning that church into something that has been true since medieval times?

I would like to

This is exactly what Brian Vantush (Studio Westeland) is doing at 193 Elk Street. In fact, this is just the beginning. Along with this is the great old church (which we no longer call the church), Wantuch has an attached rector and ten surrounding apartments. “We need to look at these places in reverse,” he told me as he described his European thinking behind this neighborhood. “Most people look at the front of the house where the activity takes place – on the street. We are building a society where ‘unity’ is behind us. There will be a swimming pool, labyrinths, gardens, scenes, courtyards … it will be a very social place for the people who live here. ”

Mark Madden walks in front of the Elk and Castle tree gardens

What Vanuch describes is almost a natural festival, agreed Mark Madden (Madd Graffix), who will host the upcoming (sold-out) event. Masquerade Mystery of the Blue Moon (of course socially distant).

Madden (left) and Vinchuch discuss the future

When Vanchuch spent a lot of time and money converting a church into a medieval-Gothic temple for crows, events, themed weddings and the like, Madden acted more like a mad Hutter, taking us all to the rabbit hole with this project.

“We’re actually building a permanent morphine facility,” Madden said, adding that you don’t even have to act to play the role of a crazy malicious artistic director.

“I am the appointed minister of madness and this sanatorium is unusual. Want to choose Alice’s themed wedding in awe? We can do it. Want a Willy Wonka wedding? We can do that too. We have artists and musicians – we are now starting to uncover the potential of these buildings and backgrounds. There will be many new media technologies, with augmented reality and virtualization. The whole event is conducted directly by me Art Channel 8 Youtube broadcast … ”

Madden visited the Elk and Zamok orchards.The latest entertainment complex in Buffalo ”. She is proud to showcase the power and potential of the Masquerade complex in My Moon Mystery Blue, which includes:

The worst band in the world is “GREEN JELLO,” featuring Maynard James Keanan’s virtual performances of “TOOL” and “A Circle Perfect,” WWE superstar Hulk Hogan, comedy mash up “Weird Al Yankovic,” “Punk Rock Pope” by William Manspeaker, and of course, Madina Minister Mark Madden.

“These May masters will sing a few songs from their new song‘ Garage Band Kid ’signed by Cleopatra Records and also showcase some of their new video highlights for the Playstation,” Madden told me.

If you think, “What’s going on here?” you are not alone. Vanchuch’s ideas about the complex are vague. “But they all happen,” he assured me. “It’s like the Wild West is here. We are building outdoor kitchens and more places for the best Buffalo bands … there will be art / music education and therapy. I have been working on this project for three years now.

“We’re creative – I’ve built walls out of church seats, uprooted drywall, exposed old stone (castle-like appearance) … we’re building a community where action and sociology take place in the middle of the block.

Drowning of Tuba

I was looking at cities all over the world to see what they were doing and I was applying this experience. We will have food (Moondoggies), accommodations (AirBnBs), a recording studio … everything we need to live in a creative community. ”

The walls are made of church seats

Move forward, join Wantuch, Jes Tea, Mark and Dawn Madden and a number of other Elk Tree & Castle heroes will take us on interactive and exploratory tours to discover what we’ve always known about Gothic and cosmic creative places. It will be hard to do this in Buffalo or anywhere else.

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