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A few bands can pick up the best pieces from different rock bands and present them in one album in a harmonious and pleasing way. Trying to jump from punk to destruction to steam rock or whatever is on a record is usually a difficult task for the listener, for a lesser performer.

It’s not hard for the Buffalo Tones, who are totally at home sounding heavy, ambitious, glamorous and pleasantly respectful of their two new songs 7 ”EP.

On the A’s side is a “thin blue line” that opens with a thin Lizzy-esque guitar duo to a nutritious and immersive organic song and a large hook-up with Kelly Murphy’s climbing sound. Murphy’s voice has a weather roughness that he deals with experienced music control.

Guitarist Glenn Schimansky shines with a single point that makes Dave Murray’s face even more floral than usual. The “thin blue line” never loses steam and has the right energy for an album or concert.

A title like “Thin Blue Line” may make you want to sing about the police, but I guess it’s just a coincidence. No matter what, it’s buried under a lot of talk about torture, spectators, squatters, and hill squares. Smooth material, fun to sing along to!

Side B includes a “Rock and Roll Certificate Protection Program” that spins the Rainbow’s “King’s Kush” energy before being transferred to a heavy cycle, takes a psychedelic ride and punishes, and destroys before breaking into the house. come to the organ- driven speed.

There are shorter twists, as Tynes wraps a lot of things into a very well-crafted song that seems to be longer than 4:36.

Tynes ’voice can easily be described as a solid rock of the 70s, but it’s all about high energy and a well-crafted set. In addition to the groups listed above, UFO, Uriah Heep, Sabbath Black and other heavyweights can be found. This is one of the most exciting periods of rock, and Tines has decided to take advantage of this play-rock and roll book, which has been rarely used.

Overall, Tynes has worked in the punk and DIY arena for at least 70 years, and it’s only focused on Murphy, Szymanski and bassist Mike Herman. Although their music is reminiscent of the guitar gods and rock and roll heroes of the past, the roots of punk tins are evident in their approach and sound. They can make the impact bigger than life, but Tines maintains the quality of the ground and soil, making it feel at home in all sorts of amazing basements.

With so much music ground covered in this 7, I want to know how Tines will get its upcoming releases. If Tines focuses on the hard rock of the 70s of the last century, which is infatuated with other genres, I’m totally for it. If they choose to go, with a more experimental, progressive or unexpected turn, this is a rock ride to the roll and I am also ready to go for it.

Tines – 2 EP Song at Bandcamp

Tines – Facebook

Chicken Doyle

Kip Doyle is a writer and marketing specialist. His interviews have been read in Public, Artvoice and Injection Metal magazines, and his comic book has been published in The Hard Times. Doyle is a former editor of the Salamanca Press and a former Olean Times Herald reporter. She was also the editor of He is a graduate of Buffalo State College and holds a master’s degree in integrated communication from St. Bonavtur University. His interests include music, comedy, pro wrestling, sports and technology. She lives with her family in downtown Buffalo.

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