Cuomo announces the expansion of Clean Energy Standards


Governor Andrew M. Cuomo won the New York State game Standard Energy Energy. The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced that it will “redirect” the regulatory and procurement structure to better achieve its goals set out in the Public Guidance and Protection Act (CLCPA). This allows the state to make requests for proposals renewable energy production sources that:

  • Establish a faster and clearer path for “70 percent renewable energy by the 2030 mandate”
  • By 2040, set the trajectory to the zero-electric sector

We are not wasting our time in the fight against climate change, and New York will continue to pursue the nation’s most aggressive policies to slow global warming. ” Governor Cuomo said. “With this expansion of the Clean Energy Standard, we are stepping up the state’s historic efforts to increase renewable coastal and offshore capacity and create thousands of well-paid jobs for New York that will strengthen our economic recovery and at the same time share a greater share of benefits. go to communities and workers who have been historically vulnerable. ”

This The practice meets the requirements of the CLCPA, which calls for a 50 to 70 percent increase in the use of renewable energy in the city. 2030 and increase utilization offshore wind from 2400 MW by 2030 to 9000 MW by 2035.

That’s what it’s all about, “decarbonization generation and electrical sector of other sectors. “Over a long period of time, past experiences of energy companies and lobbying efforts have led New York State and the rest of the country to unstable paths, leading to a country that is still far behind in dealing with it.” greenhouse gases.

PEC Chairman John B. Rhodes said. “Governor Cuomo’s visionary legislation and New York’s need for a fair, clean, sustainable, and affordable energy system require us to build renewable energy rationally and economically on a larger scale and at a much faster pace. This comprehensive and ambitious plan achieves its goals and allows all of New York City’s residents to receive all the necessary forms of renewable energy. ”

The government is urging the energy sector to redouble its efforts to achieve its goals. To this end, NYSERDA has committed $ 70 million to fund clean workforce development programs that lead to training initiatives, job creation, and community empowerment.

Earlier, a briefing on behalf of the energy sector meant that New Yorkers were dealing with a quota situation and trade as usual tactics for too long. Now, that is really the first time wake up the call for this sector, research and investment in clean energy opportunities will ultimately lead to economic growth, job creation, healthy competition and hopefully a more sustainable planet.

The PEC-approved initiative includes:

  • The key provisions in the CLCPA relate to the provision of 70 percent of renewable energy by 2030, including determining the capacity of renewable energy technology and the amount of renewable energy needed to meet the New York target, the annual procurement targets for a large-scale renewable energy program. defines level 1 within CES and recommends changes to existing level 1 processes;
  • The targets for renewable energy for offshore winds are set to meet the demand for nine gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2035;
  • Creates a new methodology for expanding Level 1 renewable energy capacity to renewable energy facilities that are being upgraded;
  • As part of CES, it is developing a competitive five-level Level 2 program to protect the existing renewable primary generation to support the 70 x 30 target;
  • Creates a new A Level 4 renewable scale program to specifically assess the environmental characteristics of renewable energy brought to New York City will be in addition to the annual Level 1 procurement targets; and
  • Specific approaches will enable the government’s renewable energy programs to provide significant benefits to poor communities, including low- and stable-income customers invited under the CLCPA, and to improve their workforce development policies, including the need for better jobs. rely on mandatory wages.

Finally, fossil fuels are avoided and the focus is on identifying new sources of clean energy, including cleaner electricity through upgrade to the power grid. This new green economy, thanks to all of the above efforts, will also get New Yorkers back on their feet after the pandemic.Build-ready“Projects implemented by the Renewable Energy Development and Stimulus Program – The program was implemented through the Renewable Renewable Energy Act and Community Benefits, which brings together the new Renewable Energy Site, which outlines strategies and reach unprecedented and affordable goals.


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