2020 Giving Guide | Ten Ways to Support Small Business


The 2020 Guide is a unique combination of independent and active business in a variety of industries, such as retail, catering, catering, arts, nonprofits, etc., designed to encourage WNY residents to #shoplocal. Sponsored by Visit Buffalo Niagara and Erie County, the 2020 guideline has 25 local businesses operating throughout the region. Click here to see 2020 Giving Guide.

Small businesses are the cornerstone of our society. They not only contribute to the economy by employing their friends and neighbors, but also have items that are often produced by artisans, farmers, and others domestically. If our small business grows, then our society grows.

This year has been tough for all of us, but especially hard for small businesses that have been forced to compete with online giants like Amazon as well as big retailers. We appeal to local small businesses to help fund our small league or football teams. Many will be empowered for the various fundraisers held by our communities. The time has come for us to help them; local purchases have never been more significant than they were in 2020. Since the pandemic, Forbes has reported a 23% increase in small business closures.

Buffalo is unreasonably known as the “City of Good Neighbors.” As the holiday approached, we made a list of it 10 ways you can support a local business so that when life returns to normal, our favorite shops and restaurants will still be around.

1. Follow and share small business social media messages that you love with family and friends. When you click the share button, consider putting a sentence or two about the business or product, and maybe tag someone with a brief description of the memory. Use this opportunity as a way to support small businesses and connect with your loved ones.

2. Leave your favorite businesses awesome, thoughtful and personal review on Google and Facebook. This is what Lindsay said about her experience at Ristorante Lombardo:

3 Pre-order. Because of the limitations of COVID, we are all learning new ways to plan and manage this difficult time. Pre-order and assist businesses in designing their inventory.

4. Buy gift certificates. Gift cards are always a wonderful gift for friends, family or yourself. There are so many deals this season that if you buy a gift card, you can get bonus items or discounts. The Erie County Business Group recently launched the Shop716, an electronic card. gift card which can be used at any participating store or restaurant. Buy before November 30th and get a BOGO contract that when you buy (1) $ 25 egift card or more, you get (1) $ 25 egift card for free. To buy an egift card and check out attendee seats, visit them website.

5. Online shopping through e-commerce. If there has been a positive change as a result of COVID-19, then local traders have actually mastered the technology. Many local shops embraced e-commerce, or order directly via online, with shipping and handling options. For a list of local merchants, visit Buffalo Niagara website.

6. We can be selfish. But if there’s one thing that WNYers do better than others – it’s a good neighbor. Talk to small business owners. Send them a personal note / certificate via email, webform or IG / FB messenger and don’t wait for a response. Something like this writing in King Condrel Candy and Cream,

7. Subscribe for more information. Every dollar counts for small businesses that operate with a thin margin. Help them connect with you easily with your choice email list and text message notifications. Instead of seeing these messages as objects to pack your clean inbox, think of them as thoughtful personal messages from local neighbors. Small business owners are their own Marketing Director, as well as CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO and more. If they don’t do it themselves, they often hire a local company to help. Before you subscribe, help by opening the emails and taking the time to read what they have to say.

8. Message about previous purchase or the product you love, that this is not the last purchase. Take a moment to use your business hashtags and social tags. All social platforms allow you to send your post to a wider audience using a few well-placed hashtags. Some of our favorites are: #buffalo #buffalo #EriCounty #ShopLocalWNY

Also this season, Buffalo Niagara will join Erie County, inviting WNY to purchase local food and dining, while maintaining all the businesses that make Erie County and WNY a unique and diverse place to live. When shopping, feel free to take a photo of the store, location, product or yourself and use tags, # shop716challenge # dine716challenge

9. Comment and the like their posts on social media. We cannot emphasize this. Entrepreneurs not only love listening to customers ’conversations, but the more we interact with their messages, the more social algorithms promote their page for free! You can help them save marketing dollars by using the tools available on each platform: Like, Bookmark, Share, #Repost, Retweet, Comment, emoji love sign. We have <3 emojis.

10. Finally, to sign up bonus events and classes. Buffalo is an event town. We love to get together in large numbers, have fun meals and make craft toast to each other. Businesses try to bring a custom experience while keeping themselves, your team and you safe.

Buffalo Botanic Gardens and Erie County celebrate their 120th anniversary with a virtual event and basketball game December 2-4:


This season, we are inviting WNY to shop for groceries and local food and help keep all the businesses that make Erie County and WNY a unique and diverse place to live. When shopping, refrain from taking photos of the store, location, product or yourself and using tags, # shop716challenge | # dine716challenge

The County Erie Business Group recently launched the Shop716, an electronic gift card that can be used at any participating store or restaurant. Buy before November 30th and get a BOGO contract that when you buy (1) $ 25 egift card or more, you get (1) $ 25 egift card for free. To buy an egift card and check out the participating places, visit them website.

Written by Jessica Marinelli + Charles Skovronsky
Picture of lead by A team of eaters in Lappish

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